6.44 p.m, August 28, 2012, Cochin

A day that seemed like old times! Some  fun, lots of cluttered thoughts, a plain notebook and a random novel from one of my favourite book stores in Kerala add to the nostalgia.

Talking about notebooks, I have always had a fascination for them – plain notebooks, diaries and  those costly recycled books. Writing a few pages and leaving it for good has always been a part of me – the intent has always been to write my cluttered thoughts which hardly goes beyong the first tro pages.Nonetheless, I have got one more of them. Hoping that this time around I am able to reflect my thought on paper.

While walking through the bookstore today and looking thorugh the books, I was feeling like old times , when i used to spend hours at the bookstore at shivaji park. And I feel glad about it.

The nostalgic feeling that I am going throught can be soley attributed to a wonderful movie that I saw today -“thattathin marayathil” – kerala -college – first love- divides of religion- More than one reason to be nostalgic :). As I hear to the songs of the move while sipping some ‘hot chai’ – I am loving the moment.

Some random thoughts- feelings- emotions that thats a part of me today consitutes my first blog- August 28, 2012.

Someday when I feel confident enought I will open this to the world. Till then this one is for me.

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