9.29 p.m, September 9, 2012 , Mumbai

Back to the city a couple of days back after a week of doing nothing, good music, thought provoking movies, lots of rain, hot cups of chai and most importantly mother’s love!

I think the break was essential to sit, relax, look back and sort of introspect into the fast pace life i was leading for a few months. Now I am at peace with myself. I am taking things as it comes. I am trying to move towards what I want  and more importantly I am figuring out what I want from life. [The contradiction in that statement guess reflects mind. Hence i choose to keep it as it is.]

Life in Mumbai after I am back from Cochin is different- relaxing and more in my control. I met a few friends who were still in touch but whose company I did miss. I began reading and writing – something that has been a part of me ever since I remember.

I still love Mumbai [or] do I share a love -hate relation with this city too ? – I don’t know. But as long as the love bit remains I think I can live with it !

Love you Mumbai.

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