8.00 p.m (Indian Time), November 6, 2012 – Up above in the sky!

Day 1 Take 1

Lee – Airport (Mumbai) – Airport (Dubai) – On air (Somewhere between Dubai and Spain)

The narration starts with ‘Lee ‘!.To the information of the ones who do not know –Lee is not a place unlike the other terms!

Nevertheless I find it important to mention her because I believe that this trip which began with her seeing me off at the Mumbai airport shall end with seeing her beaming face at the Mumbai airport on December 3, 2012.

As I walked through the Dubai Airport, I remembered an incident narrated to me by a long lost ‘friend/ foe’. I am not able to figure out how to address her as we have seen our relation change colours from friends to good friends to not so good friends to foes to no relation at all. Nevertheless the incident is more exciting than the changing status of friendship!

The ‘friend/foe’ had landed at the Dubai Airport when she was very young to visit the Dubai Shopping Festival. The Airport was so huge that she thought she had seen the Dubai Shopping Festival by the time she exited out of the Airport!

I agree with her! It is huge!

And maybe we should get in touch with each other!


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