3.57 p.m (Spain), November 9, 2012 , Seville

Day 4, Take 1

The lazy me has found an easier way to narrate my the initial experience of being in the beautiful town of Spain –Seville. Its  through an e-mail that I wrote to a close friend- with considerable amount of editing in order to maintain confidentiality!

You may find many such e-mails that has been sent/ unsent in the blog!


How are you?! Thought i should pass on my love to you all the way from Spain.

Even though you never mailed to enquire, I presume you would like to know how am I doing here! 🙂

The good!

(a) Beautiful Town: Not seen much of it though. Planning to make a trip to the downtown on the weekend;

(b) Huge Office: The Office overlooks the town on one side and lots of greenery on the other side;

(c) Lovely Lunch: I am loving the food!

(d) Decent Work (Oh btw unlike what i presumed – there is a lot of work!)

(e) Beautiful accommodation : A beautiful 3 bhk with an excellent view of the town.

(f) Work timings: Unlike what I thought the work timings are long. People come in by 8.30 a.m and leave only by 8.00 p.m. So evening site seeing is out of question!

(g) Good looking men : Well there are a number of good looking men. However 99.9 % of them do not know English. So they remain eye candy. Nothing more :(.

The bad!

(a) Language:  Not knowing the language is killing everything – can’t understand what people are speaking, directions, food! Life becomes difficult at times.

(b) Climate – It is not very cold, but it is raining all the time :(. My weekend trips might go for a toss.

(c) My lack of sense of direction – This is not Spain specific as most of you may know. Yesterday I went to buy groceries and ended up walking around the same building twice. Realized it when i saw the grocery store from where I had set out for home after about ten minutes of walking 🙂




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