5.10 p.m (Spain), November 16, 2012 , Seville

The Oberoi Trident (right) and Air India build...
The Oberoi Trident (right) and Air India building (Leftmost) in Mumbai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know if Mumbai misses me – nevertheless I do! I do admit that am loving the quiet and peaceful life at Seville, the time I get to be with myself, the walk from the office to home. But Mumbai remains closer to me!

That has led me to place on agenda a few ‘to do’ things as soon as I soon as I land in Mumbai!

(i)            DDLJ: Go to Maratha Mandir and watch DDLJ. I feel ashamed to say that despite of being a hard core SRK fan – I haven’t done so. Inspired by a lovely couple who narrated their recent experience !

(ii)           Jab Tak Hai Jaan : In the same breath I declare – Jab Tak Hai Jaan!  I have read every single review on the movie available online. One thing that I noticed across all reviews is that SRK has been appreciated  for doing what he is best at – romance!It is a must watch!

(iii)          Byculla Zoo: Visiting the Byculla Zoo has been on agenda for a long long time. I have mooted the idea with many, but never received a favourable response. This time, irrespective of whether I get company or not, I shall make it to the Zoo.

(iv)          Between the Lines : Watch ‘Between the lines’ – A play directed and acted by one of my favourite actress- Nandita Das. Oh btw – I find her extremely beautiful!

(v)           Sridhar Shankar, Parul Sharma – I should spent some quality time with them if they are willing to do so!

(vi)          Kitab Khana : Heard a lot about the bookshop and managed to be there for roughly three minutes. The book shop closes at sharp 7.30 p.m and I managed to reach there along with a good friend ant 7.27 p.m. Later on, the friend ditched me and visited the place with family !  I still choose to visit the place with her. Her plea for forgiveness has been accepted.


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