1.a.m (Spain), November 23, 2012 , Seville

Evenings at Seville are usually spent doing nothing! By evenings I mean the time from 8.P.M to 11 P.M before I go to sleep. Yesterday as I was making good use of the high speed Wifi and watching some interesting interviews of my current craze (period) – Fahadh Fazil on You Tube, I came across some parts of this movie called Hyderabad Blues.

I recalled watching it a many years ago. It was one of my favourite movies at that point in time. I decided to watch the movie once again just to assess if I would still like the movie.

About the movie – The movie revolves around a south Indian NRI from Hyderabad who comes to India after 12 years. His parents and extended relatives are on a mission to find a ‘suitable’  Indian bride for him. He, on the other hand detests just about everything connected to India-  be it traditions, functions, rutuals, way of life. Life leads him to meet the leading lady who is a doctor, feminist to some extend and someone who believes in tradition and Indian values. The story then proceeds to narrate their different point of views on every subject, mutual attraction, love and lastly the inevitable – marriage!

I was a huge fan of Nagesh Kukunoor after watching this movie. And so did I like the heroine –Rajshri Nair.I find her very beautiful. Surprisingly google had nothing to tell about her. I intent to do more research on her movies. I felt she played her role to perfection and would love to see more of her movies.

Back to the movie – The movie is interesting because the dialogues, the narration, the cinematography are all kept very simple and normal. People, places and incidents look very real life except for the ending which need not have been so dramatic!

I also realized that choices in life don’t change so easily. I can still count this as one of my favourite movies.

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