Today evening  I was seated in one of these coffee shops drinking a cup of coffee and intently trying to figure out where I was–as per the map.

Across the bench was seated a very elderly couple (Grandpa/Grandma if I could call them so!) After watching me intently for about 15 minutes – the Granpa spoke up.

GP : “Lady, Do you like Sevilla?”

Me : “Oh yes. I do! It’s beautiful!!!” (I was very happy that he knew how to speak English! May be I could ask him a few directions!!)

GM: “Are you a Christian?”

Me: “Yes. I am!” (Double whammy! Even grandma knew English)

GM: “Did you go for the mass at the Cathedral?”

Me: “No. I visited the Cathedral. Did not attend the mass”

GM: “Ohh. Its wrong. You must go for the mass. You are a Christian.” (I was not so happy that she knew English).

GP: “Where are you from? What is your name?” (While Grandma was looking at me with displeasure – for not attending the mass).

Me: “I am from India and my name is Sarah!”.

GP: Beautiful!

Me: Wondering whether he attributed beauty to India, my name or me?! I did not ask him. Sometimes in life you have to take the credit 🙂

I did not wait for more conversations as Grandma seemed mighty unpleased with me for not attending the mass.

I took my cup of coffee, map and scooted from there in order to find another place to sit down and read the map. Oh! I hadn’t still figured out where I was as per the map .

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