8.00 p.m , November 16, 2012 , Seville

Talking about my current craze –period – Fahadh Fazil, an exciting news I heard the other day. One of my close friends from college is a part of the film which has Fahadh as the lead actor- Annayum Rasoolum. My happiness knows no bounds!

It’s more like knowing from Facebook that he and I have a mutual friend  or knowing through Linkedin that you are   ’1 connection’ away from him! This just shows how much I am addicted to the internet and the social networking sites during the past one month!

In the passing I must mention that I have expressed to the close friend my interest in watching the premier show of the movie and may be getting to see a glimpse of him! Definitely not being selfish or taking advantage of the friendship 🙂 .

I have also started calling her my ‘best friend’ from a ‘close friend’. Just clarifying to those who might think otherwise – it was the flow of emotions and not with any particular agenda in mind :).

The close friend and her exciting  career graph calls for another post in itself. She is one of the most creative people I have come across.

I am keeping the thoughts about her for another post. Let’s see if the premier show ticket for  the movie works out :).


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