6.20 p.m,November 30, 2012 -Seville


As a continuation to my earlier post –https://poulosesarah.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/significant-few-among-the-many/

Mr. E – Talked over the phone for over a year before meeting! It is not flicked out of any movie. Believe it or not -it did happen! One hell of a friend!  One of the ‘bestest’ friend I have ever had and still remains. I still remember the first time we met. I had not seen him till then and he had come to meet me with a couple of his friends leaving me clueless as to who among  of them is Mr. E! I pointed out at every guy in front of me, only to realise that he is the one I left out!

Mr. F – We are very different. His his lifestyle, his views on issues, his taste in food – everything is radically different from mine. But we did bond! Sitting on the doorstep of the second class compartment on our train journey to Bombay and talking about life , is something I will always cherish!

Mr. G – Met him through a friend. She later became his lawfully wedded wife! He is one of the sweetest guys I have met till date. My admiration for him emanates from the beautiful relationship I see between him and the friend. As a lover, fiancé, husband, friend, companion in their relation – I give him ten on ten! I wonder if my friend feels the same?!. That apart  he has always been a great friend and wonderful to be with. I think our friendship over the years and I see it going steady and strong!

I am mentally trying to sketch and formulate my thoughts about two very significant men in my life. However I am unable to do so. May be that’s the beauty of the relationship ! Keeping that for another day when there is more clarity in this cluttered mind  🙂

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