1.30 p.m , December 9, 2012 , Mumbai


After one month in Spain, I felt it would be interesting to note down 10 things about the trip that I will always remember!

There are definitely many more – but I guess the first ten things that randomly come to your mind without much of thought process and are the most genuine ones! So here goes the list!

  1. Maria – Thought I must be humane enough to begin with people rather than the worldly pleasures. Maria has been a wonderful colleague – very simple and extremely helpful. She has definitely become a good friend!
  2. Habib – He is a 15 month old baby of one my colleagues. I could call him my first friend in Spain. Since both of us did not know Spanish – we connected very well. Guess love transcends beyond language!
  3. Food – I thoroughly enjoyed the food and found it very tasty. I think I have even gained a few kilos.
  4. Lamps – I think this has been a great fascination for me – as is obvious from the earlier posts! So much as that wherever I go I used was obsessed with clicking pictures of only the lamps!
  5. The walk to Office – I consider myself as the laziest person in the world and detest walking. But surprisingly I loved the walk to and from the office every day. I also developed a habit of talking to myself during those walks .Thankfully the path to home is quite deserted and no one really saw me doing that!
  6. The downtown – It is beautiful – beyond description. Glimpses of it are visible in many of the earlier posts.
  7. Chocolate Croissants – Croissants which has some chocolate hidden deep inside. The joy when I got to the chocolate by eating the non-chocolate bit knew no bounds! I loved them. Not that you don’t get it in India. But never tried them there.
  8. The flat – A  comfortable stay with a beautiful view and perfectly located!
  9. Tapas- The roadside Tapas. Weekends were spent in many of these Tapas doing nothing! Guess that’s an experience in itself.
  10.  My Space – I guess being alone gave me the much needed space to be with myself. Though there were some disputes – it was worth every bit of it !

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