7.52 p.m , December 15, 2012 , Mumbai

Age: 6 years
It all started with my ambition to become a school teacher. Considering that both my parents were teachers, it quite natural for me to think so. As I joined pre-school I had a different ambition every day –a doctor, teacher, ayah, bus driver, business man, mechanic and many others. Like any other kid I was not sure what I will eventually want to do…….

Age: 10 years
My father introduced me to the world of books. He is a voracious reader and the presence of innumerable number of books at home instilled the habit of reading in me at a very early age. Reading various kinds of books ranging from Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew to abridged versions of many classics inspired me to write. I must have written countless number of articles to Indian Express –(Student Edition) out of which 2 got published too  My mom was the happiest as she was really tired of helping me post the articles . I come from the era where sending articles by e-mail was unheard of.I was happy with my choice but it was not similar to the ones others had. Hence I was still not sure of this is what I wanted to do….

Age: 12 years
The media fascinated me and I thought Journalism was the coolest job I can have. Wearing Khadi Kurtis and reporting news of social relevance thereby making a difference to the society were the two most important reasons for choosing journalism. The thought that it may not pay me well, the struggle in the initial days did not sound very good. Hence I was not sure whether this is what I wanted to do…….

Age: 15 years
And then arrived the best time of my life. I was clueless as to what to do in life. The world presumed that I shall become a doctor and engineer since my sister was really good at science and showed all signs of becoming one. She did become one- an engineer. To an extent even I tried convincing myself to become an engineer (if not a doctor)– the after effects being the endless number of entrance classes, tuitions, stress that I took. Despite of studying for hours together I managed to score only 50% in the science subjects. I began to doubt whether this is what I wanted to do………….

Age: 17 years
One fine day I decided that I had to look for other choices in life. I dint realize this after any deep introspection or soul searching. Extremely poor maths and science marks prompted me to do so. By then we had a computer with internet connection. I browsed through various sites and ended up finding a syllabus of a course. I liked the syllabus and went on to look which course would help me do this – It was Law. I decided to become a lawyer. I dint know what was it to become a lawyer, I dint know whether I had it in me – though I was happy with the choice I wasn’t sure whether this is what I wanted to do…….
I must also mention that fashion designing ( It would have been a total disaster!!!), was another career options that I considered among these.

Age: I choose not to disclose my age 🙂
I am in a job that I got due to the education I have done, but may be not utilizing all what I have learnt. I am an in-house corporate lawyer. Has search ended? I don’t think so. I am still not sure if this is what I want to do……

Now I have figured out what has been consistent in my life – the inconsistency 🙂

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