Disclaimer: The post intents to highlight only those aspects I liked about the ‘subject in scrutiny’. I truly believe that I am not competent enough to criticize or point out any flaws of the creator’s vision. Writing off a creative piece which took hundreds of days to take its final form in five minutes is something I don’t stand for. My opinions can be extremely partial if the subject in question has any connection to any person or emotion or thought close to me. So welcome to the extremely partial, sugar coated, diplomatic opinion of the blogger about the subject in scrutiny.

I am not a movie buff. Hence my take on the movie might be based on the limited information and exposure that I have to the world of cinema.

Last Saturday the evening was spent watching the latter half of Kilukam – one of my all-time favourite movies. Aksharangal was lined up on the same channel right after Kilukam. So with no prior knowledge about the movie I sat to watch Aksharangal. As the movie progressed – fell in love with it.

Aksharangal is a M.T. Vasudevan Nair film with autobiographical elements directed by I. V. Sasi.

The way emotions are dealt with in this movie is beautiful.The movie deals with the lives of Jayadevan (played by Mammoty), a writer, X his wife (played by Suhasini) and Y a theatre artist and Jayadevan’s lover(played by Seema) .The reason for using X and Y is only because I do not recollect the names of the characters!

The relationship between Jayadevan and Y which was initially platonic and later that of lovers/companions is complicated yet simple.The character of Y is a well etched one. She loves Jayadevan for what he is. She lets him be. She gives him the creative freedom and the space he requires. This very nature of hers binds him to her for life.

I particularly liked the scene where Jayadevan promises Y that he shall come back soon and sort out their relationship. Y on the other hand never demands or express any want of commitment from Jayadevan . She only asks him to take care of himself. She comes across as a person who is happy in her space.

The contrast emotion is that of X played by Suhasini. A more real character that you would find in many of the women around. She is someone who loves her husband more than anyone else in the world, who wants to lead a normal life like any other woman, who is possessive and does not appreciate the female fanfare that her husband has.The more she tries to bind Jayadevan to her the more he drifts away.

Mammotty has done an excellent role in this movie as the common factor between these two intricately complex women, giving life to the character. His love for both the women at one point in time is a very real and believable.

Would love to see the same movie being made in today’s context with of course my current craze – period in the lead role.

Just as an afterthought – Which one of the female characters suits me? I think I am someone like X who understands the beauty of being like Y.

P.S : If anyone seeing reading this blog recollect the names of the characters please do let me know!

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