I always believed that I am attached to people and emotions. An incident that the ‘sister’ reminded me of completely changed the understanding.

When I was a kid, we used to ensure that the family has one meal a day together. It was easier back then because the sister and I were at school and parents had a relatively less hectic schedule.Meals were taken at the dining table and mom ensured that we do not watch the television while eating.

I used to be particular about the seat and insisted on sitting on the same chair every single time. The one meant for the head of the family. My father happily obliged!The comedy used to start when a guest or a relative used to occupy the chair. I used to not get angry or shout but look glare at the person! I never wanted to part with the position  I occupied!

Today when the ‘bro –in law’ gave my sister such a look for occupying his favourite seat in the drawing room, it reminded her of the incident. She wrote to me!

May be as a child there was a want in me for power, place and position! Not sure if it still remains? !


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