A few thoughts which has characters, situations and emotions and fiction attached to it. What matters are the thoughts?

  Support systems

The ‘connecting factor’ between me and the ‘support system’ is the one  who loves me the most in this world

The ‘support system’ does not help you in everything you do or helps you make decisions in life. The ‘support system’ stands by your decisions because of respect for your decision. Rightness or wrongness is not their concern.

Even if I keep the connecting factor away for a second, I see the ‘support system’ being there for me. That is the beauty of it.

The thin line of distinction

If there didn’t exist a thin line of distinction between of distinction between love and friendship I would have called it love. Well, if I intent to be true to my self – even without the thin line of distinction I should have called it love.

Love expressed and treated as friendship can eventually turns into one. You will never remember the beginning or the end – just the experience. Well, in any case what’s in the name?

At war

I consider that the war with your inner self is the most historic war that can happen, and those who are at peace with themselves are the bravest ones!

I may fall in love with the next whom I find brave or have I?!

Human mind

The human mind is unbelievably intricate. You can never assess it. The mind may be under an illusion that it is in love. It may want to express it. It may feel that the love is being reciprocated. It may feel that the love may soon be a reality. It may feel that the love is being ignored. It may feel that the love is not there anymore. It’s all in the mind.

I have not read anyone’s mind. Yes- I do look into the one I have.

P.S : I wrote these  over a period of time, felt like publishing it now!

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