It’s all in the mind?

If I am denied something my mind’s want to own  it increased manifold. I don’t look /assess the rightness or wrongness of the want- I just want it. I may not get what I want but I accept something similar and may be better. I want to prove that it was unjust to deny me that – I am capable of getting exactly the same, if not better. I prove to the world that I am not wrong. Even if I am – I don’t care. I got what I wanted.

I have gone through it and more importantly seen others going through it.

When I see it in the context of humans and emotions – it sound like a rebound. Doesn’t it?

Trust me – it’s about the lighthouse!

I have been sailing in the deep rough see for days. I don’t see any lighthouse ahead. The waves are rough and unruly. However there is a rhythm and freedom in the sea that keeps me happy. The sailing is difficult, but one can manage it with the ones who helps you sail through. There are moments of happiness, sadness, loneliness and excitement. The journey is beautiful. I still do not  see the lighthouse. Well, is it relevant anymore?

Life at times is very similar – is it not?

 P.S : Wrote it during the weekend trip with the lovely women in my life!

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