The other day I was closely observing what it takes to maintain an LDR [ Long Distance Relationship]!. Spoke to a dear friend who told me that technology in the form of blackberry chats which allows free messaging between two people from any part of the world- is the major factor which led to her relationship and helps her maintain it. Hats off to the two of them for maintaining and keeping the emotion alive despite of being miles apart. Let the love remain forever!

My family members at one point in time, were spread across countries -parents were in India, Kerala, the ‘sister and brother in law’ were in the U.S and I was in London. Skype, G-talk , group e-mails helped us connect and remain together even if it is through the virtual world!

I have made good friends using through the use of technology and those still remain as strong as ever. Significant ‘few’ among the ‘many’ -Part II speaks of one such friendship.

Mediums such as facebook, twitter lets me connect  and interact with friends, family, acquaintances and not to forget the ones I admire – [current craze -period] included!

As I am writing this, I realize I am using technology in the form of blogging tool – wordpress in order to connect to those who are known – unknown , who may agree with my thoughts – disagree with my thoughts.

The use of technology is taken to higher level  when technology helps you not only to keep in touch with your special one but helps you find one too [ matrimonial websites] !I have seen dear ones find theirs through this medium. My tryst with this specific medium calls for another story in itself -so keeping it for some other time!

I do not consider the use of technology as a ‘degradation’ or ‘digitalization’ of any emotion – be it love or hate. Technology lets you track your loved one – be it  your family, friend, lover – irrespective of whichever part of the world they are. It lets you share every moment of yours with your loved one.Its helps you connect with people miles away .It helps you make – break relationships.

All said and done , any emotion should be able to sustain itself even without the technology .Technology should just be a means to express it more effectively.

As a passing thought – I love the option on face book which lets you ‘like’ someone, but wonder if I will be comfortable if it lets you ‘love’ someone!

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