I have written a post with the same title some months ago -‘The Connect‘. This was  probably when I was in a different phase of life.Now when I see myself a lot more happier in life – here is my take on the same topic!

When I wrote a an exclusive post on my current -craze period and a take on his movie, I had never expected him to appreciate it and share it with his fans on ‘Twitter‘ and ‘Facebook‘ – nevertheless I am glad and surprised too!

Beyond his appreciation what surprised me are the  personal messages that I got from his fans all over the world!

A lovely lady from Chennai sent me a beautiful message : “………….If your Rasool has a way of expressing love with his eyes…you have it with your way with words……you articulate your emotions little subtlety but with a lot of passion…Hopefully you will find your own Rasool soon ………………………………”.

Another one his fans from UAE agreed with me on my views about him and wrote to me ! This bit of the message will definitely make the makers of the movie glad! “…………..after reading your review really feel like watching it..well written again ………….

Then there are others who felt the movie evoked the same kind of emotions in them which I wrote of and expressed his/ her belief in eternal love!

Another one of his lovely fans expressed that she has the same views and opinion about him . The following bit of her message is special and sweet “…………Like you irritate your mom by speaking about him I do irritate my husband (he doesn’t get irritated though, thank God)…. 

There are others who have gone beyond the ‘like’ button on face book and dropped in a few words of appreciation for the write up!

In all these beautiful messages I don’t see him – I see the ‘connect’ that I have made with these lovely people! Makes me realize that you don’t need a months or days to ‘connect’ with some one. If it has to happen – a thought, an expression , a look can connect you with a person for a life time. There need not be any explanation, justifications or boundaries attached to it!

Thank you current craze -period for bringing all these lovely people into my life! Means a lot!

P.S – To all those lovely people in my life – Please do let me know what you think of my virtual world – even if they don’t figure any posts about the current craze -period!

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