A – a cleanliness freak;
B – one who manages to adjust with and helps A;
C – one who hardly contributed anything to the cleaning process of A;
D – one who persistently created more work for A.

For the past two years the four were inseparable. They bonded over various matters. A& D bonded over fashion and brands. A& B bonded over food. A& C bonded over lack of money and lots of sleep.

A was the partner in crime for B- be it to hog on junk food, go partying, do massive shopping or watch horror movies.

A stood by C in times of need. They teamed up against B and D for watching soap serials.

A helps D de -clutter – be it be her mind or her cupboard!

Yes – the post  is about A.

The reason for the post is because the A has bid adieu to the City of Dreams. The happy bit is that she has left for good and to pursue her dreams.

On behalf of B, C & D,  I wish A all the best in her life. Keep cleaning wherever you go!

We will miss you.

P.S : Though not connected with A in any way – I had to write this. Current craze – period won the Vanitha Film Award for the Best Actor :). He is indeed here TO STAY!

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