[Disclaimer: The post intents to highlight only those aspects I liked about the ‘subject in scrutiny’. I truly believe that I am not competent enough to criticize or point out any flaws of the creator’s vision. Writing off a creative piece which took hundreds of days to take its final form in five minutes is something I don’t stand for. My opinions can be extremely partial if the subject in question has any connection to any person or emotion or thought that is close to me. So welcome to the opinion of the blogger on the subject in scrutiny.]

The third in this series after (i) and (ii).

Not that I did not watch any movie between the second in this series – Annayum Rasoolum and this one. I did not like any and hence no comments!

The most obvious reason for going for the movie was the presence of current craze – period and that too in two different roles – a double whammy for his fans! The expectations from him were sky rocketing because of his excellent performances in Chappa Kurushu, 22 F Kottayam and the very best of all – Annayum Rasoolum.

After watchin Kerala Café and Urumi written by Shankar Ramakrishnan I did want to watch something different from him.

It’s the first time I was watching a V. K Prakash movie and I hence I did not have any work to compare to. I guess that helps you establish an independent opinion. He did not have to shoulder the high expectations like the current craze – period or the writer!

Back to the movie:

The movie revolves a writer cum care taker of a flat – Preman (Fahadh Faasil) and the character he creates – Narendran (Fahadh Faasil). The story focusses on Preman’s life and the way he uses Narendran to vent out his frustrations, revenge and emotions. Though the subject may sound philosophical and complex it has been presented in a whacky and hilarious way.

The best part about the movie is that it has a lot to offer for all section of the people. These are some among the many that the movie has to offer:

For some, the way writer/director has tried to depict the power of art/ creative writing through the life of a common man will be the high point of the movie. Such a strong topic has been dealt in a simple manner. Narendran is somewhere trying to establish his own identity through the character he creates. He uses the character to influence and changes the lives of people around him. Well truly, the power of creative writing! NOCM to me is a movie which has attempted to bring about a different way of expressing cinema with a lot of changes in the existing format. Many movies may have tried this experiment, the difference in this movie is that it has also tried to maintain a mass appeal. Kudos to the director/writer for taking the risk because many a times this limits the audience for such work! This for me is the best of the works that I have seen of Shankar Ramakrishnan and I have decided to watch other V. K. Prakash movies!

For some the method of using the art of writing to vent out his frustration may be interesting and relatable. I truly relate to it. I tend to express my emotions in a better manner when I write! Preman lets the character he creates do all that which he wants to do !

For some the conflict between Preman and Narendran (the character he creates) will be a treat to watch. Those scenes where the character (Narendran) goes out of the hands of the writer(Preman) and the way he brings the character back to the format is simply amazing!

For some the whacky, unadulterated, meaningful jokes can be interesting. Love the digs taken at a lot of actors, directors. And in true sportsman spirit the director has taken a dig at himself!

For some the innocently cunning, witty and frustrated Preman will be applealing.I truly enjoyed watching Preman especially the way he laughs and the way he runs. You can watch the movie just for those master strokes!

For some the stylish, handsome will be Narendran will be the one stealing the hearts. The comedy, romance, villanism that Preman had etched out for Narendran has been executed beautifully.

All movie lovers can take home what they liked in the movie! In fact the director/ writer has given you current craze –period in two different forms in the same movie! Pick the one you like  🙂

The movie is an out-and-out Fahadh Fazil movie. It takes great courage to display two characters with so much of difference in the same movie. A slight similarity in the mannerism would have spoilt the characters. The sky rocketing expectations has gone way higher!

If you ask me one thing I truly loved in the movie, it will be the way Preman runs in the movie – be it when he runs after his mother drops him at the polytechnic or when he hears Prabha screaming for the first time in the movie!

I went for the movie with a non – malayalee friend. I fooled her into coming with me for the movie under the pretext that it will have English subtitles. She was sweet enough to come though she knew I was lying! She did understand the movie here and there since she knows Tamil though she would have enjoyed it more had there been English subtitles.

Now when I think of it – it will take a lot of effort to translate those lovely dialogues into English without losing the flavour. Nevertheless she loved Narendran and Preman with 10 points more for Preman!She liked Fahad Fazil’s acting and has requested me for a DVD of Annayum Rassolum. Another fan in the making – after all he is the current craze –period!

I am not a movie buff, even then I loved the  movie for all these reasons or for the numerous reasons things that I haven’t written about! Watch this one for Fahad Fazil (the actor), V. K. Prakash( the director) and  Shankar Ramakrishnan (the writer).

P.S  : My second disclaimer of asking you to bear with my spelling mistakes and lack of reading ‘Wren and Martin’ remains!


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