The other day someone asked me an opinion on a few aspects of Mumbai. One of the questions related to  the kind of people  you meet in the city. I did mention that one tends to meet an interesting mix of people, from various walks of life who are in the city to make a living. And that makes Mumbai special.

 One day later I happened to accompany a friend from Calcutta, studying in Delhi and interning at Bombay – for a walk around Bandra organised by B.A.P – Bolloywood Art Project. B.A.P is an urban public art project that aims to transform the walls in Mumbai into a living memorial to Bollywood

Interestingly, I met a lot of creative people who are into films, free lancing, and media – a world completely different from mine. I got to see Bombay from their angle. I did click some pictures too!

 All said and done,  Saturday was an interesting day and the opinion I had given on Mumbai stands accurate!

The Pictures !

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April 2013


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