….. I end up writing a confusing review!

Sunday night, having had nothing better to do at home, I along with a dear friend ventured out to see a late night show of a Hindi movie – Ranjhana. This is one movie which I liked but I refuse to admit so. The conflict is because there are a couple of aspects that I loved about the movie and some others that I detest.

I do not think I will be able to appreciate a movie which professes stalking as one the best way to get a girl and that is exactly what the movie conveys. To add to that the movie further propagates suicide as the one stop solution to get the girl to profess love for you! Another aspect, which made me uncomfortable, was the way the protagonist ill-treats the lady who loves him. One may argue that these issues still exists in India and hence the same was shown onscreen. One may also argue that the director’s creative freedom should not be curbed.

All said and done I loved the movie despite its regressive thoughts on many issues. The reasons being – The dig at those women utilize their naïve lovers to get things done. The scene wherein the protagonist is told by a stranger that a dip in the holy Ganges will never wash away one’s sins and that one needs to do go ahead and live one’s life. Above all, the feeling that true love still exists in the world where people live through relationships based on compromises, adjustments and convenience.

Hats off to Dhanush for his superlative performance though the one who stole my heart is Abhay Deol!

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