The other day I happened to exchange my views on the world of blogging with someone. Though it would be interesting to share some of those thoughts on my virtual world!

People generally tend to create an image/personality in their mind after reading the blog. I met someone last week who had read my posts before meeting me. I realized that the said person had already created an image and formed an opinion about me after reading my posts. Blogs work as an image creating/image destroying medium! Thankfully, this time around my posts were appreciated and was an image creating one !

A regular reader of my blog once described me in 3 words – Fort Cochin – Mumbai Rains – Current Craze Period. The person I am begins and ends for him with this. He knows nothing more. Then made me  realize that I can create my own image on the virtual world based on the truth/lies/aspirations/emotions that I write about. A lot of people also create a different image of oneself through this medium. They tend to be the person they want to be and not the person they are. So you see people who reflect reality of life on the blog and who tend to run away from reality through the blog!

I got an invite from a closed group in face book, which is meant for all word press bloggers in Kerala. Run by a 20 year old kid from Cochin. He is planning to arrange a meeting of all the bloggers in Jan 2014 in Cochin. I was amazed to see the happenings within the group. People who connected to each other through blogs travelled to places to meet and exchange views. It’s great to see the virtual medium leading people to connect in real life.

People connect with you through the virtual world for various reasons. In my case, some share the love for fort Cochin, some others – the love for Mumbai and many share the common interest in the Current Craze’s movies.

Special thanks to the one who led me to think and write about the world of blogging!

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