So this time around my ramblings are not about Mumbai, the rains or the current craze – period. Its about her. She stands tall amongst her peers, dressed  in a black little dress with some beautiful frills at the end. She is from the Europe and travelled miles to be with me in Mumbai. She is my umbrella !

A couple of months ago, when the company that I work for decided to send me for training to Spain (Seville). I did my usual research on the internet about the climate during my visit, the necessary things that I should be carrying etc. Google did help me out with a lot of information but it forgot to let me know that it rains or rather drizzles in Seville during the said period and that I should be carrying an umbrella. I have no grudge against Google since I would have never had her, if I knew about the rains since I would have carried an umbrella from India.

So on the first day of office at Seville, dressed in a white crisp shirt and a nice formal skirt I set off to the office which is about 15 minutes’ walk from the flat where I stayed. The climate was cold but I loved it after the heat that I was enduring in Mumbai. The day went well. On my way back as I was enjoying the sights around, it began to drizzle. Confused with the climate change and partly angry with Google for not letting me know of the rains, I took shelter at a coffee shop. I definitely did not want to wet my new white shirt and more importantly fall sick.

After some time I set off to find a shop where I can buy an umbrella. I was disappointed to know that the only shopping market I knew of did not have umbrellas. Tired, exhausted and drained of (a) walking (b) trying to explain that I need an umbrella in broken Spanish I ended up at a medical store. Out of desperation I asked the lady at the medical store if she sells umbrella. Though surprised, she gladly pointed out to a tiny shop across the street and indicated that I will get an umbrella at that shop. Thanking her profusely (‘muchas gracias’ – hundred times!!), I set off to the said shop. And behold my eyes fell on her – the minute I stepped into the shop. I did not ask for any other options. Within a few minutes she was mine!

She helped me through the rains in her hometown. At the end of the training, as I was packing my bag, I was sure she shall travel back with me to India even if I had to leave many other things behind. And so she travelled back with me from Seville – Madrid – Dubai – Mumbai tagged as ‘fragile items’ so that she is well taken care of. But as I was reunited with her at the baggage counter at Mumbai I realized that she has suffered some injuries like a little bent. Nevertheless I was happy that she was with me.

In Mumbai she was safely tucked inside the cupboard until rains began. Now with the onset of rains, she is my constant companion wherever I go.Her beauty has been appreciated by many. I forgot her in a Meru cab a month before. I tried my level best to hide my disappoint of loosing her since I was with someone.  Thankfully the driver took pains to come back and return the umbrella.The other day as I was walking up the stairs in the train station she slipped off my hand and had a very bad fall. Thanks to the stranger who saved her from more injuries. She is with me despite all the trouble and she is safe.

She shall definitely remain with me through the monsoons and I hope to use her for the coming monsoons as well.

I believe in not having any attachments to materialistic things. Guess she is an exception to it! After all, she is mine!


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