Today evening as I was at sitting at my workstation and racking my brain over a contract that I had to finish today, my colleague came to me with a courier. It was from ‘Flipkart’ addressed to me. I was  surprised since I had not ordered anything from the site.

I opened it to be the proud owner of a DVD of the current craze-period’sAnnayum Rasooolum! The gift indeed bought a huge smile on my face! But what made me even happier is this card!


Dear Random Reader,

Thank you for the well thought gift and more importantly letting me know that you like my ramblings!



  1. Anonymity,to a large extent, is devoid of judgement,prejudice and such. Anonymous acts like this are beautiful, but meanings change when we attach names to it.


    1. Yeah true! But then it was sent to my office address and with so much of information available on LinkedIn and the internet – finding the office address is no big deal.

      And then – when u receive gifts you tend to forget everything 🙂

      BTW love the way you have done up your blog!


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