I am not the right person to write a review about restaurants because I am not a foodie. My dining experience is more about the ambience and the people I dine out with.

 And so with the above mentioned disclaimer, here I go on my first attempt to review a restaurant!

 I am a tea lover and any place that serves excellent tea will be my all-time favourite. Tea centre is one such place in Mumbai. I was introduced to this place by a college friend a couple of years ago. Ever since then, I have been a regular visitor of this place with friends. Every time I want to take someone to a part of Mumbai that has its old charm – Tea centre is the place.

 Though I have gone there mostly for dinner – on a couple of occasions I went there at ‘chai time’ – an experience which a coffee shop can never give you. Among teas, I prefer the ‘kulhad masala chai’ or the ‘Buttered Apple tea’ or the ‘lemongrass tea’. Today as I was drinking my favourite ‘kulhad masala chai’ with ‘khari biscuits’ and ‘cheese corn balls’, I realised that the place is more so special because I have been there with friends whom I love spending time with. After good company enhances the dining experience! 

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