[Disclaimer: The post intents to highlight only those aspects I liked about the ‘subject in scrutiny’. I truly believe that I am not competent enough to criticize or point out any flaws of the creator’s vision. Writing off a creative piece which took hundreds of days to take its final form in five minutes is something I don’t stand for. My opinions can be extremely partial if the subject in question has any connection to any person or emotion or thought that is close to me. So welcome to the opinion of the blogger on the subject in scrutiny.
 A few other disclaimers because of the ‘baseless allegations’ of some dear friends after the earlier movie reviews published in this virtual world!
 (a) I am a ‘HUGE’ fan of the current craze- period. However that does not mean I will write a biased review about his movies. I would rather not write if I don’t like the movie!
 (b) The usual disclaimer of asking you to bear with my spelling mistakes and lack of reading ‘Wren and Martin’ remains!]

Finally with a long list of disclaimers here goes the sixth in the series !

So what is in a vacation without watching current craze -period’s movie.  So along with family went to watch North 24 Kaatham in Kochi’s very own Lulu PVR. The movie had released long time ago and much has been written about it ever since. Nevertheless,  here goes those nuances about the movie that caught my attention.

Boy  meets lively and chirpy girl on a journey  along with a third  fellow passenger and falls in love with her despite their different nature. The story seems very common. Is it not?!

Well, the surprise lies in the narrative and characterization. The director takes his own sweet time in establishing the character’s – especially the protagonist who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder . And the same is done so beautifully – be it his daily routine, his work life or his relationship with his family !

The best part movie is that the narrative does not progressive with an intention to reach a climax. It focuses on the journey the people the protagonists meet during the journey, the places they visit and  the issues they face. Truly sends out the message that life is a journey and not a destination.

The movie also tries to address many issues like hartal, security of women, love that transcends language and religion through humorous , simple instances and incidents.

Fahadh Faasil as Harikrishnan, Nedumudi Venu as Gopalan, Swati Reddy as Narayani,Chemban Vinod as NRI, Premgi Amaren as Vyomkesh, have made the journey truly a pleasure to watch. Above all kudos to the debutante director Anil Radhakrishnan  Who has written and directed the movie. He is someone to watch out for.

Last but not the least,  all Current craze period’s fans will agree with me that  a smile can indeed light up the screen when you see him smiling  for the first time after 3/4th of the movie is over!

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