New Year’s Eve is generally spent at home or in the company of good friends. This time around the flat mates (now good friends – T & N!) decided to dine out with a few friends and I decided to join.

It was a couple of hours before the dinner I googled the restaurant – Quatrro – only to realize that it was a pure vegetarian restaurant which serves no alcohol.  Though I love any vegetarian cuisine, the thought of not having an option to order a non-vegetarian dish or a glass of wine disturbed me. Guess it’s a human emotion to find solace in having all options available irrespective of whether you utilize it or not.

The disappointment did not last long since the menu and the ambience of the restaurant was indeed interesting. We ordered a couple of starters and main courses. Having someone who good knowledge on the cuisine, has helped us order a couple of nice dishes. Amongst the starters my vote goes for ‘Firehouse Chilli Nachos’ and  I found ‘Quattro Formaggio Lasagne’  and ‘Rissoto Funghi’ interesting in the array of main course dishes that were ordered on our table.I would recommend the place to all veg lovers and would love to visit the place again.

At the end when choices were being made for the dessert, I wanted to order a Tiramisu to experience the love I had for the dessert and also as an excuse for remembering  an interesting conversation I had with someone on the dessert during the year that went by. However the group decided to have dessert elsewhere and I chose to agree. Guess at times one needs to go with the flow.

The dinner went well and more importantly I got to usher in the New Year with a genuinely nice group of people. I hope that the New Year brings in a lot of happiness for all of them, including me.

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