P.S : There is no logic behind having this picture here. It found a place here only because I love the sea.

Why is it that every decision in your life has to be rational and based on logic. If everyone made their decisions in the same fashion and assuming that these decisions tend to be correct, won’t we end up having the same kind of people in this world. This argument does not mean that everyone who basis their decision on reasons beyond rationality and logic make wrong decision, neither does it mean they make better decisions. It just means that there is a life beyond rationale and logic.

The said world is one of uncertainties. It’s a world filled with emotions. A world where a touch may bind you for lifetime, a smile may make you want to own it for ever, a glance that seals the bond for life. The world comes with its own baggage. It creates a sense of attachment to people beyond your understanding; it does not let you restrain your flow of emotions based on factual reality. It places you in a conflicting path between practical and emotional decision-making. You feel like a boat that is sailing on rough seas and hope to soon  sail on smooth waters. It helps you come to terms with incidents that do not have logic, issues that may never end, and occurrences that can never be stopped. It helps you come to terms with life and more importantly enjoy life.


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