One day when the cook decided to take a day off, the husband and I decided to make Gordon Ramsay’s famous scrambled eggs. After a lot of joint effort and a broken egg on the floor, we did successfully make yummy scrambled eggs. We can vouch for it being the same as Gordon’s, when he makes it for us someday!

The next day, I raved to our cook about our successful day in the kitchen. I noticed she was instantly insecure about us faring well in her absence, but also curious about the new dish. As an aspiring dabba joint entrepreneur, any new recipe is an addition to her database. I managed to explain it to her in broken Hindi and even showed her a YouTube video. She watched it intently and the next second declared it to be a dish made by her family for many generations. Disappointed that my great find was an everyday occurrence for her, and that it made almost no dent in her universe, I went back to doing whatever I was doing.

10 minutes later she barges into my room asking me to repeat the recipe for GODSE’s scrambled egg! Dumbfounded, I for a second, forgot the recipe. For the next hour, I tried telling her that it was Mr. Gordon and not Mr. Godse. I failed miserably!

Wonder how many would be happy to gobble down Godse’s scrambled eggs from her dabba! And in today’s India, she could very well be put behind bars for inciting violence and anti -nationalist thoughts by naming scrambled eggs after Godse!

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