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True Love

10.52 a.m, September 11, 2012 –Mumbai

Getting up from bed on a rainy cloudy day in Mumbai is one of the worst things in life. It takes me a lot of will power to come to terms with the fact that I have a days work at office to attend to. As I walked into the office at 9.40 a.m., the office was nearly deserted unlike other days. The obvious reason being waterlogging in Mumbai due to rains. The impact a few hours of rain can have on the city of Mumbai and the life of people is worth thinking. Areas in the city flood, trains get delayed, traffic starts moving at snails pace. The fast life in Mumbai indeed takes a back seat!

Despite all this, the irony of the fact is that Mumbaikars love rains. The traffic, the floods – nothing deters their love for rain. Probably this is true love!

Maximum City

9.29 p.m, September 9, 2012 , Mumbai

Back to the city a couple of days back after a week of doing nothing, good music, thought provoking movies, lots of rain, hot cups of chai and most importantly mother’s love!

I think the break was essential to sit, relax, look back and sort of introspect into the fast pace life i was leading for a few months. Now I am at peace with myself. I am taking things as it comes. I am trying to move towards what I want  and more importantly I am figuring out what I want from life. [The contradiction in that statement guess reflects mind. Hence i choose to keep it as it is.]

Life in Mumbai after I am back from Cochin is different- relaxing and more in my control. I met a few friends who were still in touch but whose company I did miss. I began reading and writing – something that has been a part of me ever since I remember.

I still love Mumbai [or] do I share a love -hate relation with this city too ? – I don’t know. But as long as the love bit remains I think I can live with it !

Love you Mumbai.

Raw Emotions – Are we “wise” enought to handle it – to accept it?

1.59 p.m, August 31, 2012, Cochin

This though emanates from a very interesting conversion between two people who are very close to me – X and Y.

X tells Y about an M and her reaction on her husband’s death. Before I move further a backgroud to Y’s life as heard from X, Y and significant few. A drunken husband- who led to the brink of bankrupcy, embarrased her in front of her kin and more importantly giving her the brand of being a drunkard’s wife. A significant another did speak of the ‘drunken husband’ as a very warm person. As I am writing this from M’s point of view – this seems insignificant and breaking the flow. But somewhere deep inside I want to acknowledge this side of him which became known to me.

Back to M – M’s husband was hospitalized. She decided not to take her husband for the ‘best of treatment’ in the country. She did not cry. She blatanly admitted that she did not have the money. She was not ready to sacrifice everything in her life for someone who never let her live a dignified life. She expressed what she felt. She was raw. She did not act. She was being human and not a ‘part of the society’.

Is being human against the societal norms ? If so why do we have a society. To cover up and evade human emotions?

For the love of sulaimani!

7.21 p.m, 2 September 2012 – Cochin

” …………………………….


For the love of Sulaimani ! The intent was to watch ‘Friday’ when I got out of home with parents. I had promised them I would take them out for a movie this time!However dad’s insistence on going to a theatre where we will get ample parking space (as we get in multiplexes) left us with only two options –Oberon Mall and Gold Souk. Unfortunately ‘Friday’ wasn’t playing at either of the places. So we decided to watch Ustad Hotel. Other than missing out one more character you portrayed  -no regrets! Sulaimani – the sea – Thilakan sir and Dulqar Salman – more than one reason to see the movie! Loved the movie. p.s :I did see a special thanks  to you in the titles! So there was a bit of you as well 🙂smile



The connect

1.59 a.m, August 31, 2012, Cochin

Certain incidents in life lead you to wonder what does it take for one to ‘connect’ to another being? Is it time bound or pre-ordained?

I have had many special people in my life. They are a part of me  as – family, friends,love, hate,habit,need etc. But now when i look back there was never a ‘connect’.By connect I mean something that needs no explanation, no justifications, no boundaries – something that inspires me to being someone beyond me.


August 28,2012

6.44 p.m, August 28, 2012, Cochin

A day that seemed like old times! Some  fun, lots of cluttered thoughts, a plain notebook and a random novel from one of my favourite book stores in Kerala add to the nostalgia.

Talking about notebooks, I have always had a fascination for them – plain notebooks, diaries and  those costly recycled books. Writing a few pages and leaving it for good has always been a part of me – the intent has always been to write my cluttered thoughts which hardly goes beyong the first tro pages.Nonetheless, I have got one more of them. Hoping that this time around I am able to reflect my thought on paper.

While walking through the bookstore today and looking thorugh the books, I was feeling like old times , when i used to spend hours at the bookstore at shivaji park. And I feel glad about it.

The nostalgic feeling that I am going throught can be soley attributed to a wonderful movie that I saw today -“thattathin marayathil” – kerala -college – first love- divides of religion- More than one reason to be nostalgic :). As I hear to the songs of the move while sipping some ‘hot chai’ – I am loving the moment.

Some random thoughts- feelings- emotions that thats a part of me today consitutes my first blog- August 28, 2012.

Someday when I feel confident enought I will open this to the world. Till then this one is for me.