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Beyond the horizon


I walked for hours until I saw a light far away through the trees and the paddy fields. The walk was indeed tiring but it kindled a hope in me. The light that I saw knew would lead me from darkness to light. It’s been long since I ventured out of the match box that I rented out in the City of Joy. It’s been long since she left.

I never asked her for the reason, I never went back to her. It’s been a year and nothing has changed. But today as I am walking towards my new abode, far away from the City of Joy, I hope that this walk is towards the and end of what was never meant to be , if not the beginning of anything new.

An old man waited for me at the door step with a lantern. The light that I had seen from far. He seemed to be mighty pleased to see me.

Old Man: So  you have finally come!

Me: Yes.

I wondered if I could have replied in any other manner more suitable to the circumstance and in reciprocation to the warm welcome he gave me. But then there was no point in an afterthought. Many a times in life words once spoken cannot be taken back and the scar remains forever.

Old Man: I have prepared some rice and curry for you.

Me: I am not hungry and want to sleep.

He did not seem to be very happy with the fact that I wasted the food. However he left the room quietly. The house comprised of a bedroom, a kitchen and a verandah. I placed my bag in the bedroom and began to unpack my bag. Soon enough I head some murmuring outside the room. It was him.  I signaled the him to come in.

Old Man: I am going home. I stay across the field. You can call out for me in case you require anything.

He seems to have lost all his affection and warmth. I began to wonder if my ‘no nonsense’ factual reply is what prompted the change in his temperament. Well, after all that’s what all what life is about. You get what you give.

This time around, once the old man left I did not have anyone around to stop my thoughts from wandering away into the past. By past I did not mean years before and hence mentally I classified it as the ‘recent past’. The classification was as confusing as me.

The journey has been long. The room was smaller than the one I had in the City of Joy, but it had a window that helped me look across into the fields, watch the sun set and sunrise, stare at the stars. Every night I relived my past in my thoughts. This night was no different. I went back to the City of Joy- where it all began.

Café Hopping!


This time around I do have a reason ‘good enough’ to explain my absence from this space for more than four months. There may be many reason(s), however I realize that nothing is worth enough to take a break from expressing my thoughts on this space where people appreciate my existence beyond the legal documents/ memos I prepare.

So here is a fresh start to my ramblings with a post on the place which gave me one of the best childhood anyone can get – Fort Cochin.

Though I have lived most of my life in Cochin, I still believe that I have not explored it enough. Amongst all places in Cochin – Fort Cochin still remains my favorite mostly because my childhood memories are associated with the said place. Travel to Fort Cochin nowadays is usually with a purpose like meeting a friend or as a tourist guide to friends outside Kerala. Of the many times I have visited the place in the recent past, I have cherished the times I have spent with good friends at the various cafes there. So if you are interested in ‘café/ restaurant hopping’ at Fort Cochin, here is my list in no particular order of priority.

Kashi Art Cafe

Kashi Art Cafe started off when I was in school, somewhere around 1997 and over years has become one of the most popular cafes in Cochin. Serving amazing coffee, cakes, English breakfast and other amazing food in an art gallery has made it the most sought out hangout amongst the youngsters and tourist. This is one of my favorite places due to its proximity to my alma mater and because of the amazing time I have had there with friends from school and college.

Address:  Burgher Street in Fort Kochi, Kerala -682001, India.

David Hall Café

David Hall Café is a recent discovery in my list of places to visit. Back in my school days the building was a Dutch bungalow. In the recent past the same has been converted into a cultural Centre with an art gallery for contemporary art of young artists. Though I do not know much art, loved walking around the airy, huge halls looking at the beautiful creations. The café attached to the gallery does not provide anything that is to die for, but for a lovers of art there could not be a better place to sit and enjoy a freshly brewed ‘masala chai’ and a ‘chocolate dough nut’.

Address: Opp Parade Ground, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001, India

Vasco Café

I haven’t still had a chance to spend time at Vasco Café, However the sight of it from the outside was indeed alluring. Situated right behind the St. Francis CSI Church, the original burial ground of Vasco da Gama, the Vasco Cafe is a traditional style coffee shop attached to Vasco House. I do intent to visit the place next time I land in Fort Cochin.

Teapot Cafe

As long as my love/addiction for tea exists, this place will remain one of my all-time favorites. I have not visited the said café for a long time. However the umpteen varieties of tea that is listed in the menu remains fresh in the memory. Do visit the place for the obvious – to have amazing tea and to relax in a beautifully done, homely atmosphere.

Address: Peter Celli Street, Fort, Kochi (Cochin) 682001, India

Brunton Boatyard Hotel

Brunton Boartyard does not exactly qualify as a café. However amidst the tea/coffee sessions, if you wish to have a good meal – lunch/dinner at a place which gives you gives you a walk through the 19th century history of Fort Cochin, an amazing collection of artefacts and paintings having English, Portuguese and Dutch influences and above all an amazing view of the sea – this is the place to be. The amazingly warm and hospitable staff of the hotel shall make your visit even more enjoyable.

Address: GH Earth, Casino Building, Willingdon Island, Cochin, Kerala, India – 682 003

It’s been long since I visited these places. Hope to relive old memories with friends during my December visit. With Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2014 happening at the same time, it’s surely going to be an artsy café hopping experience!

Reasons to be happy – (4)!

Happiness is what you feel when an  acquaintance unexpectedly dedicates a song for you  on radio in a country far far away !

Happiness is what you feel when some clutter that you wrote gets published some where other than your own space!

Check this link for latter : 🙂