Mumbai – An interesting mix.

The other day someone asked me an opinion on a few aspects of Mumbai. One of the questions related to  the kind of people  you meet in the city. I did mention that one tends to meet an interesting mix of people, from various walks of life who are in the city to make a living. And that makes Mumbai special.

 One day later I happened to accompany a friend from Calcutta, studying in Delhi and interning at Bombay – for a walk around Bandra organised by B.A.P – Bolloywood Art Project. B.A.P is an urban public art project that aims to transform the walls in Mumbai into a living memorial to Bollywood

Interestingly, I met a lot of creative people who are into films, free lancing, and media – a world completely different from mine. I got to see Bombay from their angle. I did click some pictures too!

 All said and done,  Saturday was an interesting day and the opinion I had given on Mumbai stands accurate!

The Pictures !

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April 2013


Merry Christmas!

Continuing the celebrations of Christmas – the close friend and I decided to attend the midnight mass.

We sat down to research on the church to go to. Holy Name Cathedral (also known as Wodehouse Church), Colaba, Saint Thomas’s Cathedral, Fort, Saint Michael’s Church, Mahim and the Mount Mary’s Basilica, Bandra were among the few churches that were considered.

After some research we zeroed down on the Wodehouse Church for the following reasons:

  1. My love for south Mumbai;

  2. We were to be joined by two other friends, who working late into the evening and are at a  5 min distance from the said church.[They didn’t come – calls for another story:) ];

  3. The Cathedral Choir is one of the best in Mumbai;

  4. We have never been to this church and they say that the wish that you make when you enter any church for the first time come true! The secret agenda was to make a wish!

The close friend who usually works late was given strict warning to get out of office on time on Christmas eve. We wanted to reach the church half an hour early just to get the best seats available.

As we were crossing the road to reach the station, the close friend’s blackberry fell on the road and a car ran over it. The display of the phone stopped working. We went to the nearest blackberry store and found out that the phone should work if we replace the display. We were relieved. The cost of replacement was negligible in comparison to the cost of the phone!

The midnight mass at Wodehouse Church was beautiful and made our celebrations of the birth of baby Jesus a divine experience.



Christmas morning started on a dull note as the friend had office to attend. However the day became exciting with my trip to Matunga to repair the close friend’s blackberry. What was supposed to be a one hour job turned out to be a one day long picnic. The ‘techie’ who was to repair the black berry was to take one hour to reach the shop. And that time gap led me to explore all the second hand book stalls at Matunga!

The result is what you see in the picture!


The new friend who runs the second hand book stall , a ninth standard pass gave me a review of almost every book he knew of!

Some general information which was given are as follows:

  1. ‘The Secret’ is a good book but the rest of the books written by the author are not that great!

  2. The pirated version of ‘Fifty shades of Grey’ and the other books in the series are in great demand. But he thinks they are not worth reading 🙂

  3. Second hand books of Ayn Rand always sells!

  4. Chetan Bhagat‘s books are  always in the list of best sellers – be it pirated or second-hand book.

The most surprising part is he knows to read but has not read a single page of any of these books! After a whole day of selling books, he does not have the time.

Without reading, he is more literate than all of us.

The day ended on a happy note – I gifted myself some or rather many books and the close friend’s blackberry is working!

Oh yes! – We had dosa ( Appam was not available at Sneha Restaurant, Mahim) and nadan chicken curry for dinner – to complete the Christmas celebration!

All good! Awaiting the New Year.