Music for the soul! – Love this one :)

And it led me to this one 🙂

Unexpected happiness – Thanks to Annayum Rasoolum!



Today evening as I was at sitting at my workstation and racking my brain over a contract that I had to finish today, my colleague came to me with a courier. It was from ‘Flipkart’ addressed to me. I was  surprised since I had not ordered anything from the site.

I opened it to be the proud owner of a DVD of the current craze-period’s –Annayum Rasooolum! The gift indeed bought a huge smile on my face! But what made me even happier is this card!


Dear Random Reader,

Thank you for the well thought gift and more importantly letting me know that you like my ramblings!


Raw Emotions – Are we “wise” enought to handle it – to accept it?

1.59 p.m, August 31, 2012, Cochin

This though emanates from a very interesting conversion between two people who are very close to me – X and Y.

X tells Y about an M and her reaction on her husband’s death. Before I move further a backgroud to Y’s life as heard from X, Y and significant few. A drunken husband- who led to the brink of bankrupcy, embarrased her in front of her kin and more importantly giving her the brand of being a drunkard’s wife. A significant another did speak of the ‘drunken husband’ as a very warm person. As I am writing this from M’s point of view – this seems insignificant and breaking the flow. But somewhere deep inside I want to acknowledge this side of him which became known to me.

Back to M – M’s husband was hospitalized. She decided not to take her husband for the ‘best of treatment’ in the country. She did not cry. She blatanly admitted that she did not have the money. She was not ready to sacrifice everything in her life for someone who never let her live a dignified life. She expressed what she felt. She was raw. She did not act. She was being human and not a ‘part of the society’.

Is being human against the societal norms ? If so why do we have a society. To cover up and evade human emotions?