I like! Part VII – Bangalore Days (Subject in scrutiny)

Prelude: The trailers looked amazing, it had current craze period [Fahadh Faasil] – playing a pivotal role, featured the protagonists of the last Malayalam movie I enjoyed – Nazriya Nazim and Nivin Pauly and most importantly written and directed by Anjali Menon – whose ‘Usthad Hotel’ is one of my favorite movies and featured in one of my very first posts. I had more than one reasons to go watch the movie. However after watching the movie my reason for watching the movie once again (if possible) are none of the ones mentioned above. The one and only reason – Dulquer Salmaan – An actor is born – Period.

The Review: I have seen the crowd going crazy, whistling and clapping on the entry of one of the superstars or a slow motion track in the movie or a fight scene. It’s probably the first time in life that I have seen a theatre full of Malayalees which includes me, in a city like Mumbai, clapping and whistling when the director’s name flashed on the screen. Anjali Menon had indeed set the sky rocketing expectations and she truly didn’t disappoint us!

Bangalore days is not about Arjun aka Aju [Dulquer Salmaan], Das [Fahadh Faasil], Krishnan P P aka Kuttan [Nivin Pauly] or Divya Prakash aka Kunju [Nazriya Nazim]. It’s about relationships, aspirations, pursuing ones passions, finding yourself, unconditional love – it’s about all those simple things that can make you a better person and make the world a better place to live in.

Though I found great detailing and depth in every character in the movie, and some breath-taking and heart –felt scenes, this time around I choose to write what I liked about the movie not based on the characters or specific scenes – but on the relationships portrayed in the movie.

The cousins.

The skeleton of the movie is the relationship shared between the three cousins – Aju, Kuttan and Kunju. Each of them grew up in a different background, with different aspirations and outlook towards life. The relationships between their families have changed over times and have a lot of underlying currents. However their love and affection towards each other remain unaffected and they are not judgmental about each other. It was endearing to watch a young girl who has recently entered into the institution of marriage, a free soul who does not believe in the institution of marriage and a good boy who has idealistic expectations out of a marriage sharing their worries and more importantly being able to understand each other.

The husband – wife.

Yet another arranged marriage wherein there are unresolved emotions from the past, idealistic expectations, conflict of personalities, interference of families and the usual. The beauty of it lies in the way the two deal with all of it and find a common space. Well written and beautifully executed by the Current craze period [Fahadh Faazil] and his soon to be life partner in real life [Nazriya Nazim].

The mother – son.

A mother who aspires her son to get out of the surroundings she finds claustrophobic and a son who finds solace in the same surroundings where he grew up . Though the son does not agreement to his mom’s and decisions and views in life, he deals her with respect love and tolerance. Though I felt it was not close to reality, it can truly be an eye opener to all those who deal with the relationship with a lesser level of tolerance. Kalpana is someone who has always done justice to any role that she has been given and she does it in this one too along with Nivin Pauly who is a pleasure to watch on-screen.

The lovers.

Love Story, Walk to Remember and all those beautiful love stories flashed across my mind when I saw this one. Boy meets girl, chooses to stand by her despite all odds and finds himself in the process. Arjun’s realization that he wants to live his life with Sarah [Parvathy] , the way he holds her hand in front of the entire world, his feeling of being incomplete without her even when fame, success, recognition and money is at his door –step – all looks so beautiful and pure.- real love it is! Arjun was able to convey his innocence, distressed childhood, layers of emotions, love for Sarah, hunger for recognition all with such ease. Truly another actor in the making!

The daughter – mother.

Though it is a very small part in the movie, the relationship between Sarah and her mother caught my attention. May be it is because I can relate to it. Here is a mother who believes her daughter is the best and will go at any length to get her daughter the best in the world and a daughter whose aspirations in life are high but her choices in life different from her mother’s . A mature and modern portrayal of a mother – daughter relationship, in today’s world.

Anjali Menon’s Bangalore days deals with many more relationships in this 2.5 hour movie. It tells us that dogs are indeed man’s best friends and they can do what we cannot do – forget and forgive. It tells us life is not all about leading it the ‘right’ way but living it to the fullest. It tells us that life is too small to live in the past, learn to embrace your future. It tells us to let go of unresolved emotions and welcome the new ones waiting for you.

Putting it as simple as I could – without taking away any credit from the maker – it tells you that all those quotes about life, love and relationships that you keep liking and sharing in Facebook can be easily made a part of your life!

After watching the movie – I followed my heart, went ahead and spoke my mind to someone without assessing what the future holds, buried certain issues with a dear one that I was unnecessarily holding on to and did something crazy which I would not have done in normal course of things! If not for all the reasons I loved the movie, watch it so that it can inspire you to do these simple things I ended up doing!

P.S : Couple of things that I wanted to mention, but would have broken the flow of the review:

(i) Sameer Thahir has done an amazing job as the cinematographer;

(ii) Loved the back-ground music in the climax scene;

(iii) Natasha [Nithya Menon] has been styled amazingly well and loved the photographs of ‘Natasha’ and ‘her lover’  that has been used in the movie – a pleasure to the eye.

(iv) I would love to meet Anjali Menon over a cup of coffee!

What’s in a name?


A couple of weeks ago, I met up with a friend with whom I share a very special relationship. It is special and will never want to name it or define it.  That led me to think the importance we give to naming anything – be it a person, an object or a relationship.

As soon as a baby is born or rather days after it is conceived in the mother’s womb the prospective parents, family and kin begin the search to find an appropriate name for the baby. When young children are gifted teddies they ask you to help them name their teddy. The same applied to naming relationships. The moment we meet a person we name the relationship we share- friend, acquaintance, lover, colleague and many more. Within the ambit of one relationship we tend to categorize them further – a friend may be a best friend, ‘just a friend’, close friend etc.

Today you may be a stranger to me, tomorrow an acquaintance. It may hardly take a few days for you to become a friend. Is it important to tag all these stages at every level? May be it is for many. When two individuals are seen together or their names are taken together the first question that raises invariably is the name given to the bond they share and the intensity is measured by the same.

I remember once, years ago a friend asked me whether I consider him one of my ‘best friends’. I refused to answer the question.  I still do not understand – What’s in a name ?

One down!



A – a cleanliness freak;
B – one who manages to adjust with and helps A;
C – one who hardly contributed anything to the cleaning process of A;
D – one who persistently created more work for A.

For the past two years the four were inseparable. They bonded over various matters. A& D bonded over fashion and brands. A& B bonded over food. A& C bonded over lack of money and lots of sleep.

A was the partner in crime for B- be it to hog on junk food, go partying, do massive shopping or watch horror movies.

A stood by C in times of need. They teamed up against B and D for watching soap serials.

A helps D de -clutter – be it be her mind or her cupboard!

Yes – the post  is about A.

The reason for the post is because the A has bid adieu to the City of Dreams. The happy bit is that she has left for good and to pursue her dreams.

On behalf of B, C & D,  I wish A all the best in her life. Keep cleaning wherever you go!

We will miss you.

P.S : Though not connected with A in any way – I had to write this. Current craze – period won the Vanitha Film Award for the Best Actor :). He is indeed here TO STAY!

Significant ‘few’ among the ‘many’ -Part II

6.20 p.m,November 30, 2012 -Seville


As a continuation to my earlier post –https://poulosesarah.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/significant-few-among-the-many/

Mr. E – Talked over the phone for over a year before meeting! It is not flicked out of any movie. Believe it or not -it did happen! One hell of a friend!  One of the ‘bestest’ friend I have ever had and still remains. I still remember the first time we met. I had not seen him till then and he had come to meet me with a couple of his friends leaving me clueless as to who among  of them is Mr. E! I pointed out at every guy in front of me, only to realise that he is the one I left out!

Mr. F – We are very different. His his lifestyle, his views on issues, his taste in food – everything is radically different from mine. But we did bond! Sitting on the doorstep of the second class compartment on our train journey to Bombay and talking about life , is something I will always cherish!

Mr. G – Met him through a friend. She later became his lawfully wedded wife! He is one of the sweetest guys I have met till date. My admiration for him emanates from the beautiful relationship I see between him and the friend. As a lover, fiancé, husband, friend, companion in their relation – I give him ten on ten! I wonder if my friend feels the same?!. That apart  he has always been a great friend and wonderful to be with. I think our friendship over the years and I see it going steady and strong!

I am mentally trying to sketch and formulate my thoughts about two very significant men in my life. However I am unable to do so. May be that’s the beauty of the relationship ! Keeping that for another day when there is more clarity in this cluttered mind  🙂