Significant ‘few’ among the ‘many’ -Part II

6.20 p.m,November 30, 2012 -Seville

As a continuation to my earlier post –

Mr. E – Talked over the phone for over a year before meeting! It is not flicked out of any movie. Believe it or not -it did happen! One hell of a friend!  One of the ‘bestest’ friend I have ever had and still remains. I still remember the first time we met. I had not seen him till then and he had come to meet me with a couple of his friends leaving me clueless as to who among  of them is Mr. E! I pointed out at every guy in front of me, only to realise that he is the one I left out!

Mr. F – We are very different. His his lifestyle, his views on issues, his taste in food – everything is radically different from mine. But we did bond! Sitting on the doorstep of the second class compartment on our train journey to Bombay and talking about life , is something I will always cherish!

Mr. G – Met him through a friend. She later became his lawfully wedded wife! He is one of the sweetest guys I have met till date. My admiration for him emanates from the beautiful relationship I see between him and the friend. As a lover, fiancé, husband, friend, companion in their relation – I give him ten on ten! I wonder if my friend feels the same?!. That apart  he has always been a great friend and wonderful to be with. I think our friendship over the years and I see it going steady and strong!

I am mentally trying to sketch and formulate my thoughts about two very significant men in my life. However I am unable to do so. May be that’s the beauty of the relationship ! Keeping that for another day when there is more clarity in this cluttered mind  🙂

I need my space?!


“ Ma… I need my space”. This is one ‘standard dialogue’ that I tend to use every other day with my mother.

The other day we had a very ‘healthy’ discussion on a ‘disputed’ topic and I ended the conversation with the ‘standard dialogue’. The end was abrupt due to lack of balance on my phone. I further went on to recharge and call her in order to mitigate the tension with a few kisses and a good night – Happy ending I suppose!

Back to the ‘standard dialogue’ – What do I exactly mean when I say it? That there is a bit of ‘me’ that I would rather keep to myself, there are certain things that I would like to sort out internally in the highly disorganised part of ‘me’ called the mind, there is a part of me that finds happiness in being with only the ‘ me’ at times.

May be there are more definitions to it. But what stands out is the ‘ME’. I would rather not take this as being selfish or self-centred. I believe that needing one’s space is a way of dealing with oneself so that you can organise yourself. It is a must in every person’s life.

As I say that – I wonder how many of our mothers got that to say this to us after we were born – “Kid …..I need my space!’.


(a)   We would have never accepted it!

(b)   We would have never understood it!

(c)   Our mothers would have never said it! They would never want a ‘space’ without us.

Conclusion: Mothers are from Mars. A different species altogether! Love them for what they are.

And maybe I will need lesser space if and when I become a mother!