Delhi – City of Djinns – the evil ones of course.

The recent heinous incident that happened at the Delhi led me to refresh my memories and take on the city.

Delhi has never been in my list of favourite cities- from the very first time I have been to the city.

I have been to Delhi only a couple of times – the longest stint at the capital has been for about 2 weeks in 2007.

The main reason for not liking the place was of course a lack of sense of security. Every time I step out, I used to feel that the city is not welcoming.

The first time I lived in Delhi, I was very keen on experiencing the ’charm of Delhi’. I must mention that the first Metro travel, the sight of India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan was beautiful and exciting. That was on my first day, with a couple of good friends.

The real Delhi experience began on day 2, when I began my internship at the Supreme Court of India. I stayed close to the Supreme Court and hence did not have to use the public transport to the courts in the morning. In the afternoons, my the Senior Advocate whom I interned with – was kind enough to take me in his car to the office. A young Keralite girl – first time in Delhi was a compelling enough a reason to ensure my safety.  He ensured that I left office at around 6.30 p.m on the first day, and requested his assistant to ensure that I take the correct bus to my hostel. This routine was followed till the last day office. At that point in time I did not understand his concern and found it amusing. But now I truly understand the cause of his worry. Delhi is not safe. Thank you sir!

The second incident, I recall was a couple of years ago when I went to watch a movie with a few friends post having dinner at Oh! Calcutta. After dinner one of the friends who came by car insisted on dropping us back home even though he had to take the opposite direction. I insisted on taking an auto since there were three of us (2 girls and 1 guy), however it was out rightly rejected by the friend on the ground that Delhi is not safe. Now, I understand. Thank you Abhinav!

I was to take up a very lucrative job at a law firm three years ago at Delhi, which did not work out. Had it worked out, I probably would have been living in Delhi and probably in a different phase of my life. Thank you to those who ensured it did not work out!

That as it may be, I must admit that every trip to Delhi has been special. The city has witnessed many important life changing incidents of my life – good or bad (not sure till date!). I may not love Delhi, but loved the days I spend there.

Delhi is one of the favorite cities of my current craze –period. [Courtesy: Twitter]. I would love to know his take on the heinous crime committed in the city.

Without taking away the charm it exudes, the lovely winters, the beautiful gardens and the history attached to it – I still believe the City of Djinns remains unsafe and unwelcoming.

Delhi is not for me – period.